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The company
Directives, standards and
environmental responsibility

Directives and


Ortoalresa meets the following standards, directives and regulations in accordance with the quality commitment of their products:


Committed to the environment

Our commitment to the environment implies a responsibility that can be seen at all levels: from production processes to management.

We use materials that are coherent with this concept, enabling our equipment to include more than 95% recyclable components, thus prolonging the life of raw materials and avoiding the exhaustion of natural resources.

We avoid the use of dangerous substances in the manufacturing processes, complying with the RoHS Directive, on the restriction of hazardous substances.

We have developed equipment such as the Gas Release System, which reduces the emission of aerosols into the atmosphere, and accessories that minimise impact on the health of the user, such as hermetic lids on rotors and vessels, with easily identifiable autoclavable materials.

We comply with WEEE Directives, for management of waste electrical and electronic equipment, belonging to the Foundation ECOASIMELEC, which as an integrated system for managing WEEE, offers our company, distribution chain and final user the necessary coverage for correct collection and recycling of the equipment at the end of its useful life.

In our sustainable manufacturing line, we only use fluorinated gases in the refrigeration systems integrated in the centrifuges, with a low impact on the ozone layer, using only those that produce the least greenhouse effect compared to those of regular use. In this sense, we anticipate the entry into force of the new gas regulations, incorporating them into our equipment before they become mandatory. Thus ensuring that the equipment manufactured before the new regulations can be easily maintained.

We select quality packaging that protects the equipment delivered while at the same time occupies the least space possible and is certified as compliant with international regulations on phytosanitary measures, as well as being 100% recyclable.

Regarding energy consumption, our equipment has an automatic disconnection system that is time adjustable, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

And this same philosophy is applied to all our activities, such as the printed version of our catalogue of products, made with responsibly sourced paper using technology compatible with sustainable development.

The additional responsibility goes beyond the technical labels, Ortoalresa considers people as part of the process and takes special care to interact with their manufactures in a comfortable way, without impact on their health and with the peace of mind of having a product made by a manufacturer according corporate social responsibility.

This attitude is not taken as an extra effort, but rather as a way of positioning ourselves in view of future challenges.