Dentro de las centrífugas para aplicaciones industriales tenemos:

Digtor 22 C, Digtor 22 C-U (sin calefacción) y Digtor 22 C-8: diseñadas para la determinación de agua y sedimentos en petróleos.

Lacter 21: determinación de grasa en productos lácteos según el método Gerber.

Para aplicaciones clínicas encontramos:

Citocentrífuga: centrifugación en capa fina.

Plasma 22: concentrados plaquetarios para regeneración de tejidos.

Digtor 22 Col: concentrados de tejido adiposo para aplicaciones estéticas.

Vetcen: análisis en el pequeño veterinario



Centrifuges have come out of laboratories and now begin to be a part of production processes. This has resulted in them being present in highly different environments such as kitchens, operating theatres, power plants or centres for the recuperation of protected species.

In this section, you will find equipment for these types of applications that have a common characteristic: They follow specific standardised processes and the type of sample support is defined in the regulations given below. For any question about the tubes considered frequent, please refer to our chart on page 13.

Thus, we find applications that require butyrometers, such as for determination of fat in dairy products, others that require capillary tubes, such as for the determination of the microhematocrit values, others that require tubes compliant with ASTM regulations for cylindrical-conical tubes measuring 6”, 8”, etc.

Nevertheless, this diversity of applications still allows us to make a second division in our line of “special applications”: centrifuges for industrial applications and centrifuges for life sciences applications.