Our eagerness to develop innovative equipment that increases safety, functionality and usability, adapting to the needs of each laboratory, establishing a series of differences that make us stand out from the rest of the alternatives on the market.


TFT colour touch screen


Gas Release System (GRS)


Progressive controlled braking system (PCBS)

What makes our products different?

Our equipment can be used intuitively by any user, controlling the process according to the sample and obtaining the maximum performance.

This performance is achieved thanks to exclusive innovations such as:

  • TFT colour touch screens, which in addition to standard functions, also enable alternative functions with a high degree of technical specialisation.


General menu


Accessories selection


Parameters selection

  • Such as the progressive controllable braking system (PCBS), precise control of the sample temperature, the possibility of modifying work parameters while in operation, the linking of consecutives programmes without the user intervention (linked program), detection of imbalance indicating the position where it occurred (ULS: unbalance location system), etc.


PCBS: allows the user to have split-second control over the braking time. This system ensures braking without interference in the centrifugation, with 175 ramps which maintain the integrity of the layers after braking, avoiding the homogenisation of the layers after centrifugation. 


  • Gas Release System (GRS), an accessory developed to provide greater security in processes, both for the user and for the lab environment.


GRS detail


Demo video


Centrifuge+GRS accessory


  • Equipment with different temperature control, forced ventilation, refrigerated and heated, which allows the adaptation to a wide range of applications.

Refrigerated: obtained values below 4 °C at maximum speed of any of its rotors. Heated: obtained values up to 80 °C.












  • A wide range of rotors and adaptors, offering the possibility to develop accessories for specific techniques and needs.

  • “Multiple” adaptors that allow the use of different types of tubes, either flat or round-bottom.


What makes us different as a company?

Our corporate philosophy not only leads us to manufacture a line of products with their own characteristics, it also spurs us to offer services that are outstanding for being based on fluid communication with our clients:

  • Personalised response and advice within 48h, both for commercial service and technical assistance.
  • Commissioning, solution of incidents, repairs and online technical training.
  • Specialists in foreign trade, we offer support to our clients during the entire procedure, as we are certified as KC (Known Consignor), which facilitates and reduces the cost of exporting our equipment.

In Ortoalresa, we also believe that is it not enough to be differentiated by our products, we must also defend the philosophy that has led us to grow day by day and which is based on transparency, respect for the environment, teamwork and good internal and external communication.