In Ortoalresa, we understand assistance as a wide-ranging process that encompasses from technical or commercial queries to the development of tools for our users and collaborators, including training and communication.

To achieve this specialised attention, we have developed two areas of action: one around our products and another around our services.

On the one hand: the manufacture of made to measure equipment (OEM) for applications, which due to their characteristics, are not found in standard equipment. Subjecting our products to risk analysis for protecting the sample, the user and the environment, maintaining a traceability that allow us to control the product from its origin until it reaches the user.

We also offer specialised services, such as the installation and commissioning of our equipment, guided by our technical department at all times, training courses for greater knowledge about our products, and telephone technical assistance to solve queries about installation and operation of the equipment. Placing procedures and certificates for calibration and certification of the installation, operation, product, etc. at the disposal of our clients and offering a comprehensive 2-year “no surprises” guarantee on our products, something which reinforces the image of excellence we aim for in all our manufacturing processes.      

We have a team of specialists in foreign trade, who control processes from the beginning, to facilitate deliveries, documentation and adaptation to regulations in the destination country, including any post sales actions the client may require. Within this framework, we have created a process to remain on the KC (Known Consignor) records, thus facilitating and reducing the cost of exporting our equipment.

We procure products and services with high standards of quality, exceptional levels of service, competitive pricing, solid delivery performance, effective after-sales support, and efficient supply chain management.