Centrifugation is an exothermic process which produces heat by friction with the air in the centrifuge chamber and the different parts of the rotor. This heat depends on multiple factors such as the type of rotor, room temperature or set speed. With that being, the sample can be affected by temperature changes. As expertise on centrifugation Ortoalresa provides all its refrigerated centrifuges of an efficient cooling system therefore:

– Improving the turn on – turn off for reduce the consumption.
– Only use gases allowed according regulation for F-gas 517/2014 for your peace of mind.
– Reach a very low temperature even at max speed, with values bellow 0ºC, because not all samples must be frozen below 4ºC.
– Reaches the max accuracy, in steps of 0,5ºC.
– Assures the stability of temperature along your process.
– Prepares the device at working temperature bellow room temperature, applying the pre-cooling.

But not everything is cold. Ortoalresa also manufactures centrifuges with heating, for those process that require heating supply. The heated centrifuges can reach up to 80ºC with a high temperature precision. No cold, no heat, but temperature can increase due to the centrifugation process. Despite of no temperature regulation, our centrifuges are provided of a ventilation system that avoid the heat generated in the chamber of centrifugation, that reduces the temperature increase.