Characteristics and properties of the tubes to be processed: length, diameter and RCF tolerance.

The support for the sample must be able to bear the centrifugal force it will be subject to. In general, there are materials that due to their properties are more resistant, such as some plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, Teflon) and other materials that are less resistant, such as glass, which generally does not support RCF values above 4.000 xg.

The size of the tubes is totally decisive for choosing the centrifuge, as it will determine the choice of the equipment you need. The chart on page 13 gives more information about our tube references.

The versatility of a centrifuge comes from the configuration of its accessories. Each series of equipment has a chart of rotors containing information about the adaptors available for them. In addition, we can enlarge this feature even more by designing multiple adaptors to process tubes with different bottoms with a single set of adaptors.

We also offer the supports  for our general applications centrifuges: