Mini: Minicen: for work with microtubes.

Small: Microcen 24: for general use in all kind of laboratories.

Microcentrifuges: Biocen 22 and Biocen 22 R: High speed, centrifuge for microtubes and microhematocrit with application in Biotechnology, Nanotechnology…

Universal: Bioprocen 22 RUnicen 21, Digicen 21  and Digicen 21 R: versatility, applicable in most laboratories (blood test…).

High capacity: Consul 22, Consul 22 R, Digtor 22, Digtor 22 R and Dilitcen 22 R: for water, food, beverage, oil and blood tests, biotechnology…

Floor standing: Magnus 22 and Magnus 22 R: blood bags.












Ortoalresa has a wide range of centrifuges for all applications. Our users are from a very wide range of laboratories, from the most elementary, for hospital applications and clinical analysis labs, to microbiology departments, research centres, quality control labs for drinks, food and different production processes, etc.

This wide range of users has led us to segment our line of centrifuges starting with an essential criterion: The tubes. Thus, we define the section of centrifuges for “general applications” such as those that use standard and commonly used tubes. For any query about tubes considered frequently usedin the tubes reference section.

For this type of application, the differentiating elements are parameters such as RPM, RCF, volume or number of tubes and the need for temperature control. These parameters are decisive when choosing equipment, in the “guide for choosing equipment”  you will find more information on this issue.

Below you can find our centrifuges for “general applications” organized according to equipment size, as well as the two versions (force ventilated and refrigerated) if available. After their datasheet, you will find a chart with the accessories available in each series.

All centrifuges in this section have these characteristics in common:

Microprocessor control.

Maintenance-free induction motor (brushless).

List of rotors in memory.

Noise produced: less than 60 dB.

Buttons for controlling on/off, lid opening and short cycle with adjustable

Possibility to lock /modify RPM /RCF while in operation.

Programmable automatic opening of lid (non-refrigerated models).

Low heigh for easy access.

Last used parameters maintained in memory.

Protection against excess speed.

Lid with security system:

– Automatic lid lock system, motorized, and emergency lid-lock release.

– Locked and protected against opening while in operation.

– Lid dropping protection.

– Port in the lid for calibration and operation checking.

Ergonomic design that allows close the lid effortless.

Unbalance detection and switch off.

Protection safety ring between the centrifugation chamber and the housing.

Stainless steel centrifugation chamber (easy to clean).

Rotors removable with the lid closed.

Autoclavable rotors and reducers, easy to install by the user.