Max. capacity: 6 x 50 ml.
Max. speed: 31.865 xg / 18.100 RPM

The bioprocessing requires a versatile centrifuge which cover different types of assays and therefore different configuration for the same centrifuge. The centrifuge Bioprocen 22 R is provided of high-speed rotors for microtubes from 1,5 to 5 ml, as well as 50 ml conical tubes. Its accessories for microplates offer the chance to spin in swing out rotors.

The refrigeration system has been designed for a temperature stability that allow to keep it even at high speed and along the run.

The different options for customization through the software become the centrifuge a tailor-made tool for your lab. Increase your lab output with the new Bioprocen 22 R.

Compatible rotors:

RT 276
RT 276

Rotor: Swing out
Max. capacity: 4/2 microtiter
RPM Max.: 4.500
Radio (mm): 86
RCF Max. (xg): 1.947
Min. temp. max. speed (°C): -5

RT 275
RT 275

Rotor: Angle fixed 45º
Max. capacity: 30 x 1,5-2 ml.
RPM Max.: 12.000
Radius (mm): 96
RCF Max. (xg): 15.445
Min. temp. max speed (°C): -3

RT 274
RT 274

Rotor: Angle fixed 28º
Max. capacity: 6 x 50 ml. hermet.
RPM Max.: 8.300
Radius (mm).: 101
RCF Max (xg): 7.778
Min. temp. max. speed (°C): -3

RT 291
RT 291

Rotor: Angle fixed 45º
Max. capacity: 12 x 5 ml.
RPM Max.: 18.100
Radius (mm): 87
RCF Max. (xg): 31.865
Min. temp. max. speed (°C): 3