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Speed increese, higher versatility

Incremento de la velocidad, mayor versatilidad

Some protocols as immunoprecipitation, subcellular and yeast harvesting ask for a relative centrifugal force of 3.000 xg. Due to the biggest part of those protocols need several dilutions, the end volume is over 5 ml. and they use to work with 10/15 ml. tubes.

Aware of this particularity, and in our eagerness to obtain the greatest versatility of our equipment, we have increased the speed of the RT 267, swing our rotor for 28 tubes of 15 ml., to reach a speed of 5.000 RPM and 4.108 xg. In this way we can offer to our users the option to work with an equipment, Digicen 21/21 R, with capacity corresponding to a universal centrifuge, but speed above them.

Versatility of our universal centrifuges

rotores ortoalresa

After the great reception of the new rotors for 28 and 32 tubes for the universal centrifuge Unicen 21, and continuing our searching for new alternatives that meet the demands and needs of our customers, Ortoalresa has launched these two new rotors also for its other universal centrifuge, the Digicen 21.

In this way, the range of universal centrifuges have increased their versatility with these rotors that allow a capacity for 28 tubes of 15 ml. in swing-out rotor and 32 tubes of 15 ml. and 15 ml. conical in angle fixed rotor. Also have the option to centrifuge tubes of 10 y 5 ml. and of 10, 7/10, y 5 ml. blood collection, reaching both of them a speed of 4.200 R.P.M.

This universal centrifuges obtains reliable results in a short time, and these new rotors make them a versatile and indispensable equipment for all types of laboratories, industries, research centers, etc.

Energy saving systems in centrifuges

Energy saving systems in centrifuges

Energy consumption is one of the parameters that can affect the decision of equipment purchase. Going further than the costs and energy saving, users are increasingly conscious of the need to implement in our day to day energy consumption saving as a protection of natural resources and promoting the sustainability of our environment.

Ortoalresa aware of these needs adapts its equipment for the lowest possible consumption both during operation and in the whiles when they are not being use, as they are programmed to switch off after a period of inactivity. This adjustable function is present in a series of systems:

  • Automatic disconnection system programmable by the user that defines the period of time in which the equipment will remain connected after its use and before becoming to the “stand by” option, with a considerable reduction in its consumption.
  • Refrigeration system using gases with low GWP (global warming potential) and high cooling capacity which reduce the time to reach the working temperature.
  • Refrigeration system with adjustable operating time up to 8 hours, which allows cancel the refrigeration option when the centrifuge is not working.

Ortoalresa collaborating in the maintenance of a sustainable planet.